Canali, upmarket brand of tailored menswear, takes a further step in the implementation of Microsoft’s ERP software, Dynamics AX, and goes live with Logistics, after going live with Financials in 2015.

Following the need to equip a newly built warehouse, meant to be the center of all logistics operations, Canali implemented the WMS (Warehouse Management System) of AX2012 for all movements of finished products – receiving, shipments to subsidiaries/shops/e-commerce customers, returns. Thanks to AIF standard functionalities of Dynamics AX, based on Xml files real time exchange, it was possible to interface the warehouse automatic management software used by Canali and develop additional specific functionalities. A user interface was also developed through AX2012 standard mobile services to manage the warehouse mobile devices.

With Dynamics AX, Canali can now manage the entire warehouse flow within the ERP thus improving automation, reducing stock misalignments and streamlining all logistic operations. With warehouse staff now only working on Microsoft ERP and mobile devices, internal procedures are sped up and errors reduced. Dynamics AX collaboration portal Sharepoint was also implemented, to allow suppliers to provide readily processable information on future and on-going shipments.