“Cloud Computing” is the most innovative way to use software programs:

  • through the Internet
  • with all-inclusive yearly subscriptions per number of users
  • with no costly investments in hardware or software and no need to take care of updates and maintenance

The main benefits of the cloud are:

  • reduced application cost (TCO)
  • scalability, it is possible to quickly add servers or users when needed
  • greater reactivity to technological progress and market changes.


70% of CIOs have embraced a cloud-first strategy in 2016

IDC Survey

80% of Microsoft customers world wide have adopted the cloud

IDC Survey


Extensive Adoption

Cloud computing applications are available from any computer or device, anywhere and anytime.
Thanks to easy access, cloud-computing applications tend to have a high adoption rate, with a reduced learning curve.

External Updates

Update and maintenance of the applications and infrastructure are carried out by the provider, as well as all other routine activities such as back up, disaster recovery, etc.

Reduced Costs

Cloud computing allows to reduce initial license expenses and operational costs, and to move the IT staff from daily system management to more strategic and valuable tasks.


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