DataFashion is Microsoft partner and specializes in innovative IT solution for the fashion and luxury world.

DataFashion implements Dynamics 365, AX and CRM, which natively can manage the dimensions and processes that are typical of fashion, with the addition of specialized features whenever requested.

MS Dynamics solutions benefit from Microsoft’s endless commitment to technological innovation and functional enhancement, to provide businesses with valuable tools to compete in an ever-changing market.


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Microsoft has launched Dynamics 365, the cloud suite that includes ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence, with modules that can be activated in accordance with the business priorities.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the ERP, integrated with Office 365 and artificial intelligence tools and extendable with apps developed by the partner, which enables to effectively manage all business processes.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency ERP for medium and large-sized companies, configurable and scalable, designed to grow together with your business. Engineered for central installation but with localizations for 36 countries, an integrated and powerful Business Intelligence engine, workflow and collaboration processes, Dynamics AX is easy to use thanks to the familiar Microsoft interface, on desktops and mobile devices.

Microsoft Dynamics AX brings value to your business, enabling you to:

  • integrate processes,
  • cooperate with partners, customers and suppliers,
  • improve your personnel’s productivity,
  • focus on customers’ needs.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides extensive features and analytical capabilities thanks to the interoperability with Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Skype for Business and to the integrated Business Intelligence.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is a global solution centered on the customer omnichannel shopping experience, based on a single engine for all sales channels (POS, e-commerce, mobile, social). It provides effective and integrated features for managing product catalogues, shops and supply chain, data consistency, configurable user interfaces, stock optimization throughout the channels and 360° visibility on customers.

Today’s consumers are more informed than in the past, more familiar with digital commerce and inclined to make their purchases through a variety of channels. In such a scenario, retailers should act in a promptly and informed manner to transform their companies into dynamic and customer-centered businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail provides medium and large-sized retailers with a modern and unified technological platform that offers full visibility of transactions and processes, to boost customer satisfaction and sales revenues.




Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the solution that manages customers’ relations with the aim to improving marketing effectiveness, sales and field service productivity, customer-care accuracy, social media monitoring and engagement, all by using a single application, integrated with business intelligence tools.

Dynamics CRM is included in Dynamics 365, in cloud.

Customer Relationship Management) is a competitive lever of paramount importance nowadays. Customers are more informed than in the past, and they expect high standards of service and personalized communication at each interaction with the brand.

Dynamics CRM enables companies to automate organise and manage all customer relations in the sales, marketing, field service and customer care areas, to improve customers’ fidelity and satisfaction. Moreover, Dynamics CRM provides apps for mobile devices and a module for social media analysis and engagement.

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